On June 12th, we hosted Spark’s first in-person event in St. Paul, MN to inspire young women interested in aviation, science and technology. We screened our first Spark film, Amelia, and hosted a panel discussion with women in STEM, led by the Kitchen Pantry Scientist, Liz Heinecke. Kids in the audience asked questions about NASA’s “Vomit Comet” and how to fly an airplane!

One really important thing for kids is to have mentors and role models, so I think it is really important for women in STEM to get out and talk to people.
— Liz Heinecke

Event photos by Ali Rogers

I wanna tinker around in a lab and just play with stuff. That’s why I call myself a physicist. I actually failed the class in undergrad that I now have my PhD in. Failure is a part of learning, and if you want something, then just keep trying.
— Dr. Marty Baylor
The guy giving the speech said, ‘Go back to your office and check with your IT guy. He’d be able to tell you.’ I said, ‘I am the IT guy.’
— Becca Sanders
If you just sit back and stay quiet, nobody will ever hear your great idea.
— Joyce Tsang
There are so many areas in STEM. It’s not just one fits all, and you don’t need to fit into a mold.
— Dr. Cecilia Ortiz
Be your best and show them how good you are and keep trying. Prove them wrong, which I did, and I earned their respect.
— Stephanie Raley